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Joyful Integrative Services, LLC was founded by Joy Menet to deliver personalized programs with a holistic approach designed to reduce stress through the use of Neurosculpting® and Functional Medicine Health Coaching techniques. She will give you a unique combination of tools to retrain your brain and promote overall health and healing.  She implements her strengths of being wildly joyful, deeply understanding, and courageously caring to support you on your journey.  

Learn how to:
Harness the power of your thoughts.
View stress as a catalyst for change.
Transform limiting beliefs into strengths.
Reconnect with nature´s healing energy.
Be a more authentic version of yourself.
Integrate a mind-body-spirit connection.
Foster a love of movement.
Laugh with abandon.

Sometimes we find ourselves standing on the edge … of making a tough decision, speaking our truth, being emotionally vulnerable, or wanting to give up. In these moments, we have lots of choices. How we cope is critical to our health and survival. It is important to understand that when the brain thrives, we can transform fear, anxiety, and depression into curiosity, humor, and novelty.

Engaging in a self-guided neuroplasticity practice can help trade old patterns of thinking for new habits and behaviors that increase confidence for a calmer and more focused lifestyle.  When you need guidance and support to make significant changes in thought processes, you want to work with someone who is mindful, resourceful, helpful, and insightful.

"Joy gave a great class with personal attention and lots of interaction. The information was very helpful and insightful. The Neurosculpting® is a great modality." - Alexa A.

"Joy has been a huge help to me. She has a massive toolbox at her disposal, as well as a deep intuitive sense that has given me a personal experience and helped me breeze through my sticking points. It's been a real pleasure working with her." - Travis R.

"When you are troubled or seeking guidance, or you just need to make sense out of your thoughts and feelings, you want to be heard. That is what Joy is particularly good at - she listens with kindness and patience." - Rita M.

"Joy is so many things. Her background in functional medicine and as a health coach fits well when speaking about our brain's health and healing. She was mindful, resourceful, playful, energetic, and supplied us with everything we needed to change our stories." - Jayme M. H.

“After over two years of agonizing over a medical condition, Joy has given me reason to be hopeful!!! She has put me on a path to feeling better and being happy again through a series of thoughtful, creative and personalized meditations designed to change my neural pathways.  I have experienced a huge shift in the way I think and frame things that has had a tremendous positive impact on my daily life.  I am very grateful for Joy’s help!!!Kathy L.

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