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Joy is best known for her passion to be in service to others; advocating for equity in healthcare and education. She holds a plethora of certifications which are a reflection of her love of learning and her enthusiasm for living. Joy is a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, helping people rewrite limiting thought patterns. She works with clients individually and in groups to create a holistic plan, focusing on actionable steps leading to lasting behavioral changes.

For nearly 20 years, Joy worked as an Experiential Educator and Wilderness Guide, because she recognizes the healing powers of the natural world. She enjoys finding purposeful ways to engage with learners through direct experience and intense reflection. She helps her clients find intentional paths to develop skills, increase knowledge, and clarify values.

While living abroad in Ecuador for 6 years, she worked as a Montessori teacher and served as president of a mountaineering club. Fluent in Spanish, she provides interpretation services for agencies throughout Colorado.  In April 2019, she became certified to train medical interpreters and looks forward to continuing offering the Neurosculpting® curriculum in Spanish.  

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