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Neuroplasticity is like yoga for the brain. If you learn the basics, you become more mentally flexible and can find ways to transform your life by revising old patterns to help you heal from stress and trauma. Below, are a list of services through which you will overcome past trauma, create new wellness goals and help you gain experience in the Neurosculpting® techniques, as well. 

Neurosculpting® Sessions:
1 - 60 minute session - $100
5 - 60 minute sessions - $400

These private sessions are designed for people who are interested in using the power of  mindfulness (neuroscience) to overcome their challenges.  The meditations are designed to ensure creative freedom, attention to personal goals and long-lasting effects.  One may be enough, or the person may desire the 5 sessions or more if the situation is more complex.   Since every person is unique, the format changes frequently to meet the person’s needs.

1 Private NS Session:

5-pack Private NS Sessions:

Holistic Health Coaching Sessions:
1 - 60 minute session - $100
5 - 60 minute sessions - $400

These private sessions are designed for people who are interested in making a transformational change in their diet and lifestyle.  If you are currently working with a Certified Functional Medicine or Holistic Health Practitioner, I can assist with food plans that help address chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases, improve overall health, and help you reach personalized goals for each of the following areas:

  • Develop movement programs that are both enjoyable and motivating
  • Improve quality of sleep and sleep habits
  • Nurture loving and reliable relationships
  • Learn about mindfulness practices
  • Create healing and nutritional food plans

1 Private HC Session:

5-pack Private HC Sessions:

Neurosculpting® Group Classes – A 2-hr class: $35 at the Neurosculpting® Institute or available online with pre-registration

If you prefer a group setting to learn more about the Neurosculpting (R) techniques and the underlying neuroscience that supports it, click on the links below to check out the upcoming classes.  Feel free to use the code JOYFULIS at checkout for a 10% discount!

Choose another individual class conducted at the Neurosculpting® Institute

Neurosculpting® Group Classes for Site Visits – A 2-hr class: $100/hr for Corporate entities or a sliding scale for NPOs or NGOs

Any combination of classes or new topics related to mediation and neuroscience can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Topics have included stress management techniques, visualizing goals and success, working together in a more cohesive manner, setting intentions, overcoming social pressure, etc. Sites visits have included Neurosculpting® classes for Clinica Tepeyac,  GrowHaus, Mastermind groups, Master Network groups, and CREA Results among others.  Beforehand, we will set up a time to discuss your groups needs and goals.  Please feel free to contact for more information.

Intuitive Readings – A 30-minute reading: $35 or free with the purchase of a group class

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